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Changes! Lots of changes are in the wings here in Vermont and soon these new venues will be reflected here on my web site. Until then this is all I can devulge:


Barking Bear Collars and Leashes

Barking Bear Collars and leashes will now only be available through The Barkery, Japan and True Friends, Hawaii. After 20 years of being covered in fabric paint I am turning my eye elsewhere and will only be filling orders for my  beloved clients in Tokyo and Honolulu.


Essential Oil Readings


I am officially retired from doing ALL readings now.


Memoirs of the Bathtub Psychic - my book

You can still buy new or used copies at

Or you can purchase from me from my Etsy shop!


The German edition is still for sale and is not part of this change - only the American edition.




I am officially retired.


Allons-y! fiber arts


It's what is new and opening this autumn on the web. Stay tuned. And yes - if you are a Doctor Who fan you will know where I got my inspiration for my new company name. At 56 years of age it was and is time for reinvention.It's all very exciting and where my heart longs to be!



Stay tuned!